481507 KATSU Car Oil Engine Extractor

Lebanon Power Tools

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This is a 7ltr capacity device constructed from composite materials and suitable for the extraction of all types of engine, transmission and lubricating oils from cars, motorcycles, marine engines, stationary engines and industrial machinery. Also suitable for low viscosity fluids such as water. 
The unit is also suitable for draining such items as fish-tanks, basins, baths, cisterns, sinks etc. 

Capacity: 7ltr 
Suction Port: 26mm 
Suction Probes: Ø4, Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, probe length 1M 
Main Material: ABS with Aluminium inflator 
Please note the video below if for SEALY and it is only to show how to use, our pump is NOT sealy brand but similar model and same function.