450504 Self Adjusting Clutch Set Alignment Setting

Lebanon Power Tools

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Necessary for pre-tensioning self adjusting clutches before removal or installation. 

Prevents plate distortion which may prevent the clutch from disengaging or cause dragging.

Features a refitting tool, allowing the clutch adjuster to be wound back, and six alignment adaptors.

Suitable for 3 and 4 hole pitch.

All metal far superior to the plastic versions that are available, which crack and break. Fit for a lifetime of vehicle servicing.

Suitable for use on most cars and light commercials. 

Supplied in blow molded carry case for easy storage and portability.


Alignment Adaptor Sizes:

?14 x 20mm,
?15 x 20mm,
?15 x 23mm,
?15 x 28mm,
?15 x 34mm,
?20 x 23mm,
?21 x 23mm.

Assembly Flywheel Threads:

?6 x 1mm,
?7 x 1.00mm,
?8 x 1.25mm.

Suitable for vehicles: 

Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes and VAG (VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat)

Suitable for models with 3 and 4 hole pitch.