347738 Heavy Duty Manual Tile Cutter 800MM Galvanised

347738 Heavy Duty Manual Tile Cutter 800MM Galvanised

Lebanon Power Tools

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High precision professional quality manual tile cutter
Simply roll the cutting wheel over the tile with little pressure, press it down, and it is done.

The main wheel holder is made from forged steel, zinc plated.
Built up with 30 bearings to assure perfect sliding and top precision.
Eight adjustable bolts for calibrating the cutting wheel and stablize sliding part.
Self lubricating system for long lasting
Easy to fold away for storage and transportation. 
Laser guiding light and three measuring points for more accuracy
Can cut as narrow as 1cm of tile.
Right and left extensions for more stability
High quality cutting wheel with ball bearing, cuts up to 5000 meters.
Suitable for Ceramic, Procelain and similar materials thin or thick 
Straight and diagonal the cutting possible in every point
Max cutting length 800mm
Total length 1050mm
Net weight: 18KG(Aprox)

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