165119 Square Tube Pipe Roller Rolling Bender

Lebanon Power Tools

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Convenient for square tubes, rectangular tubes
Can process material of mild steel, copper & aluminum
Bend various capacity workpieces with one set of rollers

Max capacity:
Mild steel: 20x20x1.2, 25x25x1.2, 30x30x1.5, 40x40x1.5mm
Copper: 20x20x1.5, 25x25x1.5, 30x30x1.75, 40x40x1.75mm
Aluminium: 20x20x1.75, 25x25x1.75, 30x30x2, 40x40x1.75mm
Min R: 180mm,170mm,200mm, 220mm
Min Ø: 450mm,500mm,550mm,600mm