161195 Farm Jack 48

161195 Farm Jack 48" عفريت جيب 4*4

Lebanon Power Tools

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-A versatile hand operated jack with many indoor and outdoor
-Excellent for use with 4x4s, for loading and off-loading vehicles,
moving heavy objects, tensioning of wire fences, removing tree stumps,
and much more.
-Ideal for lifting, pulling, and clamping.
-Adjustable top clamp can be moved to any position on the upright for
clamping purposes.
48" (1200mm) Heavy Duty Farmers Jack
Plate size: 12x18cm.
Made of cast iron
Lifting capacity approx: 3-1/2 ton
Maximum height: 1200mm (48")
Minimum height: 1070mm (4")
Package Size: 127*28*17cm
Weight: 14.4Kgs