151436 Self Priming Water Booster Pump 400W          واط 400  طلمبة سحب ذاتي

151436 Self Priming Water Booster Pump 400W واط 400 طلمبة سحب ذاتي

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KATSU® automatic self-priming pump is a new type of high efficient, energy saving and low noise (65DB) house hold pump, widely used in domestic household, well, tap water, vegetable garden irrigation, water supply and hot water circulation. It is an ideal solution for constant water supply in circumstances of insufficient water pressure.

Model: 151436
Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50HZ
Power: 400W
(Amp) 2.7
Max Strike: 35Metres
Rated Strike: 15Metres
Max Flow:2.0m³/h
Rated Flow: 1.0m³/h
Suction: 8Metres
Applicable 4 floors, 1-2 Taps each floor
Switch on Pressure: 2.6Bar
Inlet/Outlet: 90Degree, 1''
Cable: 8.5cm without plug.
Installation size: 28x21x29cm
Weight: 9.7Kgs

Working conditions:
1. Water PH value: 6-8.5
2. Ambient temperature: -20°C -100 °C
3. Water Temperature: 0°C -100°C, less than 0.1% impurities size less than 0.2mm
4. Inlet pressure: must be lower than the starting value of the pressure switch.
5. Suction lift: 8 Metres
6. Currency: 50Hz/60Hz, 220V/380v + 10%
7. Drain off remaining water in pump body to protect pump from freezing and cracking damage once the environment temperature is below 0.
8. Make sure that the pipe system is air tight and no leakage in order to keep automatic self-priming function works normally.
9. Protection Class: IP44

Main Features:
-Delay Start: When the pump is switched on, it will delay the start by 3 seconds in order to protect the motor and personal safety.
-Water stop pump stop: The microcomputer control system can detect the water flow and automatically control the pump off/on.
-No water no power: The pump will automatically shut off if it runs 6 minutes without water, and it will restart automatically after one hour to check the condition of water supply until the water supply returns.
-Intelligent flow control: When the water flow is very small, microcomputer control system will automatically detect and switch to "small flow control mode" to ensure the pump to work well with small water flow condition and avoid "pops pops" noise. The lifespan of pressure switch can be extended considerably and achieve the full head range operation.