151414 Water Pump 260W طلمبة ضغط 260 واط

151414 Water Pump 260W طلمبة ضغط 260 واط

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his pump is good where water pressure supply is not enough, it is supplied with automatic switch which will control the pump on and off for a certain pressure, it will switch on when the water tap is opened, and off when the tap is closed. 
Low noise makes it convenient to fit it inside home. 
Can be used for showers, washing machines, garden sprayers, car washing, and many other applications. 
Max pressure is 1.7bar.

Below please read review from a customer who bought similar pump from us but different sales channel, it might be useful

I have used this pump to get rid of the 'Dead leg' = (cold water in the domestic hot water pipe before the hot water comes through ) you would normally run it off and waste it down the drain, I'm on a water meter and it's money down the drain !.. My bathroom is a very long way from the hot water cylinder so I mounted one of these pump (with metastatic rubber mounts) behind some paneling in my bathroom and used 'flexible rubber (tap ) hoses to connect it to the low pressure hot pipe and the low pressure cold (from the header tank ) with a 'One way valve' in one of the pipes to prevent any back siphoning. Note I did NOT use the pressure switch supplied with the pump for this job.. I controlled the above with a 'PNEUMATIC TIMER DELAY SWITCH ' I have one in the kitchen set at about 30 seconds, one in the shower room set at 60 seconds and the bath room one set at 120 seconds as they are all at different distances away from the hot water cylinder. So I press the delay switch and wait till it times out and I can have hot water at the tap without wasting the water. Good luck with your project.

The pipe thread size is 1/2"12.7mm) and please make sure the water tank is at least 1 metre higher than the shower tap.

Noise Level:

Under normal pressure, 60 -70DB.

Under highest pressure, 70 -90DB.