105450 Door Lock Installation Kit Mortice Lock Fitting Jig

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Door Lock Installation Kit Mortice Lock Fitting Jig


This little tool gives a perfect lock recess every time. It is a 5 minute morticer which is acclaimed by locksmiths and builders alike, accurate, speedy and professional tool that will save time and money.
Cuts a mortice for the body and for the face plate
Fast and accurate on doors from 30mm - 85mm thick
Cuts Lock Forend as well as Lock Body
Can cut door hinges and also some strike plates and electric releases

Uses vertical guides, height and depth stops to ensure you do not overrun the cut area
Wide range of accessories and special attachments
All parts are replaceable
Robust construction and precision manufacture


- Wood Cutters 18mm, 22mm & 25mm 
- Standard shaft (for locks up to 100mm)
- Plastic carrying case 
- Instruction Manual